Announcement regarding outcome of the case


In the March 9, 2016 hearing of the Case filed with the request to cancel the Merger Resolution approved following the deliberations held as the 5th Agenda Item in the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting of 06.08.2014, of Doğan Yayın Holding A.Ş., which had ceased to exist via dissolution without liquidation as a result of the abovementioned Merger Transaction, the requests of the Other Parties (Claimants) have been rejected by the Relevant Court. It had been previously disclosed to the public with our Material Disclosure of 03.05.2016 that the Claimants have submitted such Court Verdict to appeal.

It had been decided by the 11th Civil Chamber of the Court of Appeals to revert the case to the first instance court on grounds that “it has been established whether the appeal bond has been paid in due time or not (whether it has been completed or not) and a verdict has not been issued”. The first instance court made a judgment indicating that “as the appeal bond and the bond for applying to appeal, which had to be completed by the claimants have not been completed in due time, the appeal application requests of the claimants is to be rejected”. The abovementioned verdict of the first instance court can be submitted for appeal.

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