Our Values

Our core philosophy, which informs all of our decisions and practices at Doğan Group, is shaped by our corporate culture, which is in turn shaped by our values.

Our values guide us in our decision-making and problem-solving processes. Our corporate values, reflected in the behavior of our employees, inspire our staff and improve their productivity.

We know that value-focused companies grow faster, employ more people and investment values higher than their competitors. Our values excite us daily, carrying Doğan Group, which acts with the mission of “understanding and creating value”, into the future.

Every Rising Day
Our Values That Excite Us

We Appreciate Value

We value the roots and traditions that make us who we are. We also value our stakeholders, country, communities and colleagues. We cherish others, and devote our attention to them. We put our investments in our country and our people first, and we appreciate and always recognize the accomplishments of our peers.

We Bring Novelty

Our pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit drives us and we always maintain our curiosity, while encouraging learning, creativity and adaptability. We endeavor to bring novelty to every sector we enter and every project we take on. We welcome reasonable risks and novel ideas.

We Act With Responsibility and Transparency

We adhere to our high ethical principles, protect our integrity and respect the law. We utilize resources in an effective and efficient manner to preserve sustainable life for future generations. We always act with social responsibility and transparency, the public, and our stakeholders in mind.

We Approach Our Work
With Passion

We dream of a better future. Our commitment to our goals and leaders, and our courage, energy and passion, make us who we are and drive us to meet the highest standards for our work. We remain focused and effective as we pursue our objectives, and we share our enthusiasm for our work with those around us. We do not give up easily, do not lose heart in the face of adversity and always act with consistency.

We Achieve Together

We achieve together by sharing our experience and knowledge, adopting a solution-oriented mindset, trusting in ourselves and each other, celebrating success and embracing diversity. We avoid accusatory and negative behavior; we champion teamwork and value collective accomplishments over individual successes.


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