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HR Practices

Recruitment and Assessment
As Doğan Holding adopts the belief that corporate success resides in practicing a successful recruitment strategy, Doğan’s recruitment policy is based on candidates’ educational background, experience, competencies, career goals and expectations in compliance with requirements of each position and corporate needs. The holding recruits individuals who are open to teamwork, innovative and keeping tabs on national and global developments.

Candidates selected by competency-based interviews are assessed also by a personality inventory practice and the ones who are most suitable for the open positions are recruited. The Group works with many different job hunting companies and our job advertisements are posted on which is another member of our group of companies.
Training and Internship
Doğan Holding supports each employee to reach out to do their best with appreciation in order to put the corporate vision in practice: In this respect, the HR identifies personal knowledge, skills and competencies of the employees, and organizes several personal and vocational training programs during the year. Personal training requests by employees are also responded with that respect and employees are provided with in-house and outsourced training programs when needed.

The training programs include, but are not limited to, personal development, development of technical and management skills, legal issues, digital marketing and social media. Moreover, these training programs are backed up by corporate-specific solutions. In addition to technical training sessions, Doğan Holding organizes social training programs for employees to overcome stress-related difficulties of today’s business world.

Training sessions on personal development and business-private life balance are welcomed by employees and provide a more peaceful work environment in participation with all employees and managers. Besides, employees may pursue their graduate degrees in universities with discounts special to our company.

Doğan Holding provides internship opportunities to high school and undergraduate students on the belief that internship is very important in cultivation of youngsters for professional life. During internship in the holding companies, interns learn and support business processes in several departments.
Remuneration, Benefits and Compensation
Doğan Holding adopts the policy of “equal pay for equal job” in consideration with the market conditions and in-company balances and sets and updates salary scales according to market tendencies and individual performance. Annual salary raise rate is set with approval of the Chairman of the Holding Executive Committee and reflected on salaries at time intervals deemed fit by the employer. In addition to remuneration policy, all employees are offered some benefit packages in line with their titles.

Employees are covered with special health insurance. Company doctors and health personnel check personnel health, in close contact with the HR department. Statutory practices such as periodic vaccination and eye check are performed as promptly and appropriately as possible.
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