Rightful Women Platform

Rightful Women Platform

The Rightful Women Platform, of which Hürriyet is a founding partner, brings together about 40 women’s organizations. The platform continued its awareness raising efforts in the area of gender equality throughout 2015.

Just before Turkey’s general elections on June 7, the platform brought together women MPs and MP candidates, civil society organizations, representatives of the business world and informed opinion leaders at the “Single Voice for Women” event.

Hosted by Vuslat Doğan Sabancı, Hürriyet’s Chairwoman and the mastermind behind the Rightful Women Platform, the event was held at the İstanbul Congress Center’s Harbiye Auditorium and brought together women MPs and MP candidates from across the political spectrum. The attendees were united in their efforts to produce solutions for the problem of gender inequality and to overcome discrimination of any type against women in Turkey through female solidarity. The meeting, also enlivened with the performances of female artists, was followed by more than a thousand people.

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