Occupational Health and Safety

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At Doğan Group, in the context of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) measures, the Holding and its subsidiaries aim to achieve zero work accidents and zero occupational diseases. The OHS function is managed in light of Law no. 6331 on OHS, as well as sector-specific requirements, and current OHS policies, regulations and procedures. Aside from OHS legislation, all companies under Doğan Holding are committed to the International Labor Organization (ILO) principles and universal standards such as human rights.

In line with Law no. 6331 on OHS and related regulations, the Group's OHS experts perform emergency action plans, training programs, health checks upon recruitment, health checks and scans for special duties, hygiene checks, environment measurements, construction equipment controls and surveillance of subcontracting firms. In line with the annual business audit plan, the Holding Audit Department carries out the necessary checks for compliance and internal control.

The surveillance of OHS activities are under the responsibility of OHS Boards created at Group companies depending on the number of employees, which report to the Holding's management bodies in periodic fashion. Furthermore, OHS risks are discussed at Group companies' Early Risk Detection Committees and actions taken are monitored accordingly.

In 2017, the Group's OHS organization was subordinated to the Audit and Risk Management Group Presidency in order to oversee and manage the risks in this area in a centralized and efficient manner. In this new structure, OHS risks across the Group will be monitored and reported in a systematic/real-time through IT; accordingly, actions taken will be monitored in a proactive manner. As a result, efficiency, synergy and productivity will be boosted.

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