No! to Domestic Violence

No! to Domestic Violence

In Turkey, violence against women continues to be a serious social problem, with four out of ten women being victimized by violence. In 2016, Hürriyet Newspaper celebrated the 12th year of the “No! To Domestic Violence!” campaign, a longterm social responsibility project.

The campaign was initiated by Hürriyet to raise awareness on domestic violence, a major social problem in the country. Since its launch, this effort has significantly contributed to raising awareness on this important issue through the organization of various activities over the last 12 years, and has well exceeded its initial targets.

The Emergency Support Hotline was first launched as a one-year pilot project in 2007, but it has continued to operate for eight years due to the magnitude of the problem. In 2015, it was handed over to the Federation of Turkish Women’s Associations, yet Hürriyet continued to support the Emergency Support Hotline in 2016.

Empowered by Hürriyet’s service and communication support, the Emergency Support Hotline answered a total of 2,277 calls in 2016, providing support to 1,204 victims of violence and dealing with 12 emergency cases.

In 2016, Facebook followers of the “No! To Domestic Violence” campaign rose to total 75,124, and its reach rose to 55,695. Meanwhile, the campaign’s Twitter follower base expanded almost 10% to 11,600. Men constitute 37% of the followers of the “No! To Domestic Violence” campaign’s social media accounts, while women make up the remaining 63%.

Awareness-raising Activities

The “No! To Domestic Violence” Campaign continued to organize awareness-raising activities over social media and other communication channels, and provide communication support to NGOs working on domestic violence in 2016.

The campaign remained an active member of the “Business World against Domestic Violence” Project and the UN’s Global Compact Women’s Empowerment Principles platform.

In 2016, the “No! To Domestic Violence” Campaign realized the project “A Single Voice Against Violence.” In this effort, the x-ray films of the broken limbs of women who suffered from domestic violence were collected from hospitals. These were used to produce vinyl records on which the song “Women Exist” from the 2008 album “Güldünya Songs” was recorded. This limited edition of vinyl records, which have collector’s value, drew ample attention and garnered numerous awards.

The special vinyl records received the following awards: Crystal Apple in the “Direct Marketing” category and Crystal Apple, Silver and Bronze prizes in the “Media” category of the 28th Crystal Apple Awards; Mediacat Felis Awards in the “Digital Standard and Multidimensional Mailing,” “Media – Ambient Media Usage-Small Scale,” “Media – Corporate Social Responsibility” categories and the Success Award in the “PR – Corporate Social Responsibility” category of the Felis Awards; and Shortlist in the Cannes Lions Advertising Awards.

With its “No! To Domestic Violence” campaign, Hürriyet joined forces with All Pharmacy Cooperatives Union, which has 14 thousand members across the country, for the project “Violence Is a Crime, Ask for Help.” Beginning on March 8, International Women’s Day, posters were placed in and brochures was sent to member pharmacies; efforts were made to inform victims of violence by pharmacists and to direct them to the relevant institutions. The aim here was to raise awareness about the reality of domestic violence, question this violence, and especially broaden awareness on violence toward women.

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