Kelkit Venture

Kelkit Venture

A Sustainable and Exemplary Business Model: Doğan Organic Products Kelkit Enterprise

Doğan Organik was founded 13 years ago to create employment opportunities in Kelkit - Gümüşhane and the surrounding area while slowing migration to large cities, educating the local population on agricultural techniques and integrating residents into the economy. Throughout the years, Doğan Organik has become a proven model of sustainability for Turkey’s agricultural economy, as well as one of the country’s largest producers of organic milk with an annual production of 5,000 tons.

Having introduced organic agriculture and livestock breeding to the people of the Kelkit area, Doğan Organik has greatly contributed to the region’s employment base and socio-economic development. Established with the goal of transforming the region into a hub for organic milk production and livestock breeding, Doğan Organik moves steadily toward its target every year, with a firm belief in the local population and through the use of insightful strategies.

After Kelkit basin was designated by the Turkish Republic of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry as an organic agriculture pilot zone in Turkey, the company, namely Kelkit Organic Dairy Livestock, was established in 2002 and became operational in 2003. Two years later, the company received organic production certification from an accredited EU firm (Ecocert Imo), and offered its very first organic milk to the Turkish market in 2005.

The milk production of the company and its contracted farmers has steadily increased each year. As a result, Doğan Organik not only provides raw milk to the market but has also started to offer processed dairy products to consumers under the private labels of various national market chains since 2011. In 2015, the company developed an in-house consumer brand, “Yoncadan,” to offer its organic milk and dairy products direct to the consumer. In 2016, the company restructured its distribution network by creating exclusive distributors in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir, in addition to deploying an integrated IT infrastructure.

Doğan Organik Ürünler sets an example in sustainable agricultural development by starting and successfully maintaining a key economic initiative in a region that has been involved in animal husbandry for a long time. As a result, the Doğan Organik Kelkit initiative was recognized as one of the top 10 socially responsible investments in Europe by the European Union Directorate of Business Concerns in 2005. In 2006, Doğan Organik was honored with the “Best Agricultural Investment” award from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on World Food Day. In 2012, Doğan Organik received the “Corporate Citizenship” prize at the nationwide with its sustainable growth model. In addition, Doğan Organik was presented with the Jury’s Second Prize by the Selection Committee, which was composed of the national partners of CSR Europe, UNDP and international CSR experts.

Doğan Organik received the first prize in the SME category at the European Union Corporate Social Responsibility Awards, held for the first time in 2013 and organized by the European Commission, Corporate Social Responsibility Communication under the theme “Cooperation, Innovation, and Influence.”

In 2013, at the European CSR Award Best Practice Exchange Forum, where countries share their corporate social responsibility experiences, Doğan Organik was one of the six projects selected from among 60 projects submitted by 30 nations. The European CSR Award Best Practice Exchange Forum is organized by Business in the Community, established in London in 1982 by the British business community in order to extend the CSR approach.

With its Kelkit initiative, Doğan Holding spearheaded the development of organic agriculture and livestock farming in Turkey. The Holding was the main sponsor of the 18th Organic World Congress, organized by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements in October 2014, in Istanbul. The event provided an international platform for sharing experiences in agricultural development, food safety and sustainability.

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