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Aydın Doğan Foundation
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Aydın Doğan Foundation was established on April 15, 1996 to contribute to the economic and social development of the country. The Foundation provides support to education with teaching facilities and dormitories built for young generations; it also encourages success in fields such as healthcare, culture, arts and sports through a number of national and international competitions.

A reflection of Doğan Group’s keen social awareness since its establishment, the Foundation enjoys a well-respected position in Turkey and abroad thanks to its robust administrative and financial structure.


Since its establishment, Aydın Doğan Foundation has launched many projects that have helped to enhance the quality of and improve the conditions in the Turkish educational system. The educational and other facilities constructed by the Foundation and donated to the Ministry of National Education are listed below:

  • Işıl Sema Doğan Elementary School, Gümüşhane
  • Atatürk University Aydın Doğan Private Elementary School, Erzurum
  • Yaşar and İrfani Doğan Industrial Vocational High School, Gümüşhane
  • Aydın Doğan Fine Arts High School, Istanbul
  • Erzincan Social Sciences High School, Erzincan
  • Hürriyet Industrial Vocational Anatolian High School, Erzincan
  • Bahçelievler Aydın Doğan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School for Communications
  • Bağcılar Aydın Doğan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School for Health
  • Gümüşhane University Kelkit Aydın Doğan Vocational School, Gümüşhane
  • Galatasaray University Aydın Doğan Auditorium, Istanbul
  • TEGV Sema and Aydın Doğan Education Park, Istanbul
  • Sema Doğan Park, Gümüşhane
  • Aydın Doğan Center for Science and the Arts, Afyon
  • Aydın Doğan Sports Complex, Gümüşhane
  • Nene Hatun High School Aydın Doğan Dormitory for Girls, Erzurum
  • Erzincan University Aydın Doğan Dormitory for Girls, Erzincan
  • Hacı Hüsrev Doğan Dormitory for Girls, Kelkit Gümüşhane
  • Aydın Doğan Dormitory for Girls, Şiran Gümüşhane
  • Aydın Doğan Dormitory for Girls, Kürtün Gümüşhane
  • Aydın Doğan Dormitory for Girls, Köse Gümüşhane

Kelkit Aydın Doğan Vocational High School in Kelkit

Kelkit Aydın Doğan Vocational School, which is a part of Gümüşhane University, opened its doors with 90 students on September 28, 2003. One hundred and sixty students graduated from the Vocational School during the 2015-2016 academic year. The associate programs at Kelkit Aydın Doğan Vocational School include: Computer Technologies, Electricity and Energy, Accounting and Taxation, Transportation Services and Veterinary Medicine. To further improve the school’s English language instructional quality, the Foundation once again provided students with foreign language training support in 2016. Students also have the chance to join internship programs at organic farms.

Bahçelievler Aydın Doğan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School (Communications)

Bahçelievler Aydın Doğan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School was built by Aydın Doğan Foundation 18 years ago, and donated to the Ministry of National Education. Specializing in journalism, radio and TV broadcasting, graphic design and photography, Bahçelievler Aydın Doğan Anatolian Vocational and Technical High School held its 15th graduation ceremony in 2016. The High School was once again one of the most preferred educational institutions in its field and accepting students with the highest scores. The school graduated 100 students in 2016. To boost student motivation, at the end of each academic year, the Foundation gives various awards to the graduates. Aiming to further improve the school’s English language instructional quality, the Foundation once again provided students with foreign language training support during the academic year. Aydın Doğan Foundation also sponsors the school’s cleaning services.

Bağcılar Aydın Doğan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School for Health

Inaugurated on April 24, 2013 by the Minister of National Education Prof. Nabi Avcı, Bağcılar Aydın Doğan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School represents a significant step forward in training the health personnel of the future. Boasting modern classrooms, an advanced technology infrastructure in addition to social and educational spaces that meet every need, the High School fulfills all requirements to provide a state-of-the art educational experience.

Bağcılar Aydın Doğan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School for Health has a capacity of 940 students, and trains emergency medical technicians, anesthesia technicians, nurses, and health service personnel. The facility includes 24 classrooms, laboratories, an enclosed gym, an information technology classroom, a library and a multi-purpose room with a 140-student capacity.

In an effort to boost student motivation, at the end of each academic year, the Foundation gives various awards to all the graduates. To ensure that the English language skills of the students at Bağcılar Aydın Doğan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School are top notch, Aydın Doğan Foundation provides the school with foreign language support. Aydın Doğan Foundation also supports the school’s cleaning services.

Ataşehir Aydın Doğan Fine Arts High School

Initially founded as Aydın Doğan Elementary School in 2005, the school was transformed into Aydın Doğan Fine Arts High School for the 2015-2016 academic year. This transformation resulted as the number of students changed after the transition to the so-called 4+4+4 national education system. Upon a protocol signed between Aydın Doğan Foundation and the Governorship of İstanbul, Ataşehir Aydın Doğan Fine Arts High School started providing education with the status of a “Project School.”

The school building, originally constructed for an elementary school setting, was completely renovated. The facility was transformed into a fine arts high school by Aydın Doğan Foundation according to an architectural project donated by architect Nevzat Sayın. As such, the school was streamlined for fine arts education. Ataşehir Aydın Doğan Fine Arts High School held its official inauguration ceremony on December 5, 2016.

Aydın Doğan Fine Arts High School, which features Visual Arts and Music Departments, graduated its first students in 2015. In the Music Department, piano training is mandatory while students take electives on the violin, viola, cello, baglama, oud, qanun, guitar, double bass, clarinet and flute.

In the Visual Arts Department, students receive illustration training, and participate in workshops for two- or three dimensional art, sculpture, and graphic design. Aydın Doğan Foundation also supports the school’s cleaning services.

Actively engaged in European Union projects and sister school programs, Aydın Doğan Fine Arts High School also collaborates with Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Aydın Doğan Foundation to execute other projects at both national and international levels.


The factors that keep Turkey from achieving full gender equality are varied and interconnected. The daily problems women face in their families, social lives, in education, their professional lives, and in politics are closely related to the fact that equality between men and women is simply not accepted and embraced by different segments of society. Against this backdrop, women need to receive high quality education starting from a young age, so that they can freely and individually realize their potential and aspirations as active individuals in the family, social, professional and political spheres. High quality education is also key for Turkey’s women to feel empowered to struggle against gender inequality.

To ensure a brighter future for our country, Aydın Doğan Foundation believes that girls should be given equal educational opportunities as boys. With this conviction, the Foundation supports girls on their educational path and tries to lift the obstacles they may face.


Aydın Doğan Foundation continues to provide support to the girls’ dormitories built under the “Dad, Send Me to School” initiative – an effort that generated much positive public attention. Post-construction, these facilities were donated to the Ministry of National Education. Dormitories established under this initiative include Nene Hatun High School Aydın Doğan Dormitory for Girls (Erzurum); Aydın Doğan Dormitory for Girls (Erzincan); Hacı Hüsrev Doğan Dormitory for Girls (Kelkit); Aydın Doğan Dormitory for Girls (Kürtün); Aydın Doğan Dormitory for Girls (Köse); and Aydın Doğan Dormitory for Girls (Şiran).

A. Success Takes Me to Istanbul Program
In 2016, 39 students residing in 12 dormitories built by Aydın Doğan Foundation under the “Dad, Send Me to School” campaign who ranked in the top three of their classes were taken on a 5-day trip to Istanbul with their teachers. The trip aimed to reward their academic achievements and support their social and cultural advancement. During the Success Takes Me to Istanbul Program, students had the chance to visit the city’s historical and tourist sites as well as major universities.

B. Girls’ Dormitories Project Support Fund
In response to numerous requests, Aydın Doğan Foundation established a support fund for the use of the girls’ dormitory managers, teachers, personnel and students. The support fund aims to enhance the living standards of girls staying at dormitories built under the “Dad, Send Me To School” campaign, and to help them become empowered individuals who contribute to social advancement. Fifteen project applications were received from the various dormitories in the period December 1-23, 2016; the sum of TL 50,000 collected in the ADV Girls’ Dormitories Support Fund was divided among nine approved projects. The selected projects plan to be implemented from February 15-May 30, 2017.

C. Training for Dorm Managers and Teachers
Since its inception, Aydın Doğan Foundation has undertaken investments to raise the educational and cultural level of society and carries out activities that support efforts to this end. Organized every year in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, the training program focused on “Education during Adolescence and Development Processes” and was held on November 20-23, 2016. The inauguration of the training program was honored with the presence of Ministry of National Education officials. Ninety-seven educational professionals – who work in manager or teacher positions in girls’ dorms in Ağrı, Artvin, Erzurum, Denizli, Gümüşhane, Kahramanmaraş, Kars, Konya, Mardin, Muğla, Muş, Nevşehir, Osmaniye, Tokat, Tekirdağ, Yalova and Van – attended the program, which was administered by trainers from Teacher Academy Foundation (ÖRAV). The program’s trainers were welcomed in İstanbul for a week, and provided the opportunity to visit the city’s historical and tourist sites. A certification ceremony was held at the end of the program for the participants.

D. Other Contributions
To support girls residing in “Dad, Send Me to School” dorms on their university entrance exams, the Foundation delivered free-of-charge exam preparation books to the dormitory residents. In addition, the shopping website provided 1 thousand winter coats to students residing at the girls’ dorms as New Year’s gifts.


Aydın Doğan Foundation initiated a scholarship program in 2015-2016 to support the education of girls who excel academically yet who demonstrate financial need. The Foundation started to provide scholarships to girls enrolled at Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Engineering who ranked in the top 101 to 500 in the university entrance examination and girls enrolled at Istanbul University, Faculty of Law who ranked in the top 1,000 in the university entrance examination. In addition, girls who resided at “Dad, Send Me to School” dorms during high school and whose university entrance exam scores allowed them to enter an undergraduate program in a state university were also provided scholarship opportunities. The Foundation carried out the necessary assessments to identify the girls who qualify for educational scholarships in the 2016-2017 academic year.

In addition to education scholarship support, the Foundation also launched a mentorship program to foster students’ professional and individual development. This effort aims to ensure that the scholarship students become sophisticated, open-minded and successful adults who are capable of standing on their own feet.

Under the program, which Doğan Group managers contribute to as mentors, students and administrators come together at regular intervals. The Mentorship Program started with a one-day training program where Doğan Group managers and scholarship students were matched and information was provided about the program. The initial meeting was held on April 1, 2016, with a performance evaluation meeting scheduled at the end of the school term.


The international conference held on October 11 – declared International Day of the Girl Child by the United Nations – focused on empowering girls, eradicating the barriers they face, and ensuring that they can fully exercise their human rights.

The second edition of the international conference was organized on October 11, 2016 by Aydın Doğan Foundation around the theme “Empowered Girls, Empowered Future: Ending Child Marriages through Inclusive, High Quality Education.” The event was held in partnership with UN Women, UNICEF and UNFPA. Organized to draw attention to the importance of gender equality and education, the International Day of the Girl Child Conference became an important platform for debate on the issue of girls’ empowerment, thanks to the participation of speakers from Turkey and around the world. The conference hosted a roster of prominent guests, including British journalist Lesly Abdela, known for her efforts on women’s rights and representation in more than 40 countries; CNN International anchor Becky Anderson, who frequently focuses on women’s issues in her TV programs; Richard Rowe, the former vice dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, who is a leading national and international expert on the empowerment of families and communities; Monica Singh, who has become a global symbol for the fight against violence towards women after being the victim of an acid attack; Betty Makoni, Zimbabwean gender activist and the founder of the Girl Child Network that helps young victims of sexual abuse in her country; the UN Women Youth Champion Tennille Amor, who is known for her song “I’m a Girl” which promotes gender equality; and UNICEF in Turkey’s National Ambassador Tuba Büyüküstün. The national and international media coverage of the conference reached an estimated audience of 45 million persons and helped broaden awareness on this key issue.


In 2016, Aydın Doğan Foundation issued a report on the education of girls in Turkey, the “Dad, Send Me to School” initiative, and future projections beyond the present-day. Published in Turkish and English, the report outlines those projects related to girls’ education in Turkey and Doğan Group’s contributions to this end. The publication was distributed to the participants of the International Day of the Girl Child Conference.


Aydın Doğan Foundation, which focused on women’s empowerment issues during the 20th anniversary year of its establishment, and the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV), which formulates proposals based on the findings of scientific research, jointly organized a panel discussion entitled “Working Girls and Education: Problems and Solutions in the Framework of Children’s Rights” on April 28, 2016. At the panel, the findings of the Working Children 2012 survey, realized by the Turkish Statistical Institute and the International Labor Organization, were shared with attendees. The information was also provided on the website (Children in Turkey), which offers comprehensive background information that can be used in projects for girls and raises public awareness on issues that require urgent solutions. The panel discussion organized by Aydın Doğan Foundation thus created a platform to assess the situation of girls aged 6-17 who work within or outside the home and their educational lives, in the framework of the Labor Law and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Malatya Girls’ Football Team attended the International Day of the Girl Child Conference on October 8, 2015 to demonstrate to participants that sports is an effective way to overcome obstacles facing girls’ pursuit of education. At the conference, the team members explained how sports and football allow them to continue their education, impressing everyone participating in the conference. During the event, as the girls shared their passion for football as well as some challenges they face, Aydın Doğan Foundation made the decision to support the club. Scholarships were provided by the Foundation to the girls who study at universities and financial support was offered to the team.

Young Communicators Competition

Aydın Doğan Foundation organizes the Young Communicators Competition each year for students in university communications departments to encourage continuous development from among prospective media employees and to increase the number of qualified professionals in the industry. A total of 1,295 students from 37 universities participated in the 28th edition of the Young Communicators Competition with 772 works in the categories of publishing, broadcasting, advertising, public relations and online media in 2016. The Selection Committee presented awards to 108 students for 65 projects.


Every year, Aydın Doğan Foundation recognizes individuals or groups who have made significant contributions to the country, the world and humanity and who have reached great achievements in different fields, such as culture, the arts, literature and science.

The Board of Directors of Aydın Doğan Foundation, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016, went beyond its traditional award categories and unanimously decided to present the Aydın Doğan Award to the T.R. Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), to draw attention to a crucial problem in Turkey.

The motivation underlying this decision by the Board of Directors of Aydın Doğan Foundation was to recognize the invaluable efforts of AFAD. This organization played a vital role in allowing Turkey to uphold its humanitarian principles by welcoming millions of Syrians fleeing that regime’s persecution and the five-year civil war, without receiving significant international aid or donation. AFAD also created an exemplary success story with its impressive organizational capabilities mobilized in a short span of time.


Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition

The Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition is widely considered to be one of the most prestigious competitions of its kind in the world. In 2016, 752 artists from 68 countries participated in the event with 2,521 works. The Selection Committee awarded the first prize to Italian artist Marco De Angelis, second prize to Brazil’s Claudio Antonio Gomes, and third prize to Doğan Arslan of Turkey.

In all its activities, Aydın Doğan Foundation places a special emphasis on girls’ development, female empowerment and gender equality. In 2016, a special award entitled “Empowered Girls, Empowered World” was granted under the cartoon competition and Turkish artist Emrah Arıkan was deemed worthy of this award with his pertinent cartoon.

Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition was free of any subject matter limitations in its 34th edition, and drew the participation of professional and amateur artists from across the world. Since its inception, the organization has welcomed around 85 thousand works by 7,800 artists hailing from 137 countries.


In 2016, as in every year of the Aydın Doğan International Cartoon Competition, award-winning cartoons together with shortlisted entries were presented to art lovers at exhibitions in Adana, Ankara, Aydın, Balıkesir, Eskişehir, Istanbul and Muğla. This year, cartoons were selected around the themes “Women,” “Technology: Enjoying It Without Becoming Addicted” and “Educated Girls for a Brighter Future” from Aydın Doğan Foundation’s archive of some 85,000 works. These were showcased in various exhibitions in İstanbul.


Education Reform Initiative (ERG)

Abiding by the slogan “Quality education for all,” Aydın Doğan Foundation supports numerous projects that are designed to improve the conditions of educational instruction and uphold equality of opportunities in Turkey. With this approach, the Foundation collaborates with other leading foundations in Turkey to support the Education Reform Initiative (ERI).

London School of Economics

Aydın Doğan Foundation is among the supporters of the Contemporary Turkish Studies Program at the London School of Economics and sits on LSE’s Advisory Board. LSE is one of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions, and the program aims to help boost Turkey’s modern image around the globe.

Third Sector Foundation of Turkey

The Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TÜSEV) was established in 1993 by 23 NGOs, including Aydın Doğan Foundation, to develop the legal, fiscal and operational infrastructure of the third (non-profit) sector. As a founder and board member of TÜSEV, Aydın Doğan Foundation is an active supporter of the organization and its activities. More than 100 members of the Board of Trustees are undertaking activities to promote civil society initiatives in Turkey.

The “Turkey Individual Donation and Philanthropy Survey,” conducted by TÜSEV and sponsored by Aydın Doğan Foundation, contains the most up-to-date data in the field of individual donation and philanthropy. The survey was published in October 2016.

Gümüşhane Sema Doğan Park

Established to develop the cultural and social life in Gümüşhane, Sema Doğan Park was inaugurated on July 24, 2008 with the contributions of Aydın Doğan Foundation. Designed as a recreational area that can host a range of activities, the park features a picnic area, children’s playground, basketball field and tennis court. The open area includes an amphitheater, which can host movie screenings, theater performances and shows. An enclosed space on the grounds can accommodate receptions, concerts, conferences and other cultural activities.

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