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Under the Turkish Labour Law, the Group is required to pay termination benefits to each employee who has completed one year of service and whose employment is terminated without due cause, or who is called up for military service, dies or retires after completing 25 years of service (20 years for women) and achieves the retirement age (58 for women and 60 for men). The maximum amount payable equals to one month of salary, not exceeding the termination indemnity limit determined by the Public Services Arbitration Committe decision no: 2012/1 and announced by the Ministry of Finance.
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Doğan Media Code of Conduct
In media, Doğan Holding aims to produce and develop content and media tools for news, entertainment and education and deliver these to clients through innovative ways.

Doğan media companies have been providing exclusive news stories, content and services, setting the agenda, engaging its readers, viewers and listeners in dialogue and adding value to their lives round the clock on a daily basis across all forms of channels, at a global level.

Their shared values are the most important shared asset of the publisher and the employees, and constitutes the foundation of their publishing principles.

These values also form the basis of the contract between Doğan media companies and their readers, viewers and listeners.

Doğan’s media companies promise their readers, viewers and listeners a publishing activity at the best possible quality, in line with professional and ethical principles, creative, one that breaks the mold and the traditions at times, and yet respectful at all times towards their readers, viewers and listeners.

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