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With nearly 20 years of experience in the energy industry, Doğan Holding sees energy investments as one of its core business lines. To this end, Doğan Enerji was established in 2000 to engage in the generation, distribution, domestic and international wholesale and retail trade of energy from any source and to realize investments in Turkey and the region. As such, Doğan Holding’s energy investments were all gathered under a single umbrella.

Aytemiz Akaryakıt Dağıtım A.Ş.

Aytemiz Akaryakıt Dağıtım A.Ş

Aytemiz Akaryakıt Dağıtım A.Ş. (“Aytemiz”) was established in 2009 by the Aytemiz Family, who has been active in the petroleum products sector since 1963. The same year, it received petroleum products distribution license from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) and began conducting activities in this field. Aytemiz operates in the distribution and marketing of petroleum products.

Doğan Enerji, a direct subsidiary of Doğan Holding, entered into a share purchase and shareholder agreement on January 29, 2015 with Aytemiz, and the process regarding purchasing and transferring 50% of Aytemiz’s shares in cash and in a single payment was completed on March 11, 2015. As of December 31, 2018, Aytemiz is active in fuel oil and LP storage and distribution with 575 stations (a total of 598 that are licensed or pending license), 11 refilling points and 5 storage facilities (December 31, 2017: 537 stations).

Aytemiz has a total storage capacity of 250 thousand m3 in İzmit, Kırıkkale, Trabzon, Mersin and Alanya terminals, which the company owns.

According to the November 2018 report issued by EMRA, Aytemiz's total petroleum product sales increased 15% to 1,085,604 tons (1,084,088 tons of white products and 1,515 tons of black products), representing a market share of 4.5% (November 2018: 4.0%); while total LPG sales amounted to 154,607 tons in an increase of 29%, and the share in the autogas market stood at 5.1% (November 2017: 4,2%).

Due to its strong customer focus, Aytemiz is not content with positioning its stations as simply energy delivery points. The company strives to offer practical solutions to customers' lives by making a difference in the market. As of end-2018, Aytemiz delivers a range of services at 575 stations. The company serves customers with stations located at strategic hubs while investing in new stations to reach out to more consumers. In 2018, Aytemiz conducted marketing activities to enhance the loyalty of its existing customer base and attract new customers. With these efforts, the company bolsters its image as an innovator that delivers services that go the extra mile. Thanks to its diverse array of communication and marketing activities, Aytemiz’s total brand awareness jumped 8% to 85% in 2018. Aytemiz is the clear brand of choice for dealers. The company also expends significant efforts to achieve a similar position among consumers. Aytemiz conducts its business operations as an innovative and creative service provider that closely monitors technological advancements and adapts rapidly to a changing market environment.

Embracing a strategy of continuous and sustainable customer communication, Aytemiz worked to boost the satisfaction of both existing and potential customers in 2018.

Establishing continuous and effective communication over social media, Aytemiz based its marketing strategy on prevailing trends in 2018. The company positioned itself as a brand that delivers information, benefits and entertainment to boost customer acquisition. Thanks to the Aytemiz Chatbot application – a first in the sector – Facebook users now can access information about products and services 24/7. As a result, Aytemiz’s video content recorded more than 10 million views on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube in 2018.

With its robust customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Aytemiz tracks customer behavior and shapes its campaigns around purchasing patterns. Customers can communicate all types of feedback via the call center, contact email address (, mobile application and social media. In addition, every step and result in the solution process can be tracked via the CRM system.

Aytemiz's loyalty card initiative – Aytemiz Card – reached more than 300 thousand active card users as of year-end 2018. Aytemiz Card's brand recognition and card activations increased with special campaigns conducted during the year. Aytemiz Card reached out to a wider customer base by means of collective agreements with national and local civil society organizations, federations, cooperatives and other groups. In 2018, different customer groups, especially motorcyclists, were offered additional benefits via segment promotional campaigns focused on user behavior.

Aytemiz successfully completed BKM Express integration for the digital wallet solution within its mobile app in 2018. This effort enabled customers to purchase fuel oil at the pump by using the app only, without the need for any other payment method. The company is committed to developing modern and innovative solutions to bring digitization to the petroleum products retail sector. Aytemiz encourages new customers to visit its service stations with various efforts, establishes partnerships with retail brands to enhance customer loyalty, and regularly adds new features to Aytemiz Card.

Aytemiz has implemented the Pay On Board system to boost the added value that technology provides to the petroleum products retail industry. Thanks to Pay On Board, Aytemiz customers can now pair their Aytemiz Card with any bank credit card of their choosing and thus purchase fuel oil or LPG without having to leave their vehicles.

The company aims to boost the training standards of its staff by making the online training module compulsory for dealers in 2019. In first quarter 2019, the new training hall, which is part of the reconfigured building layout, will be used for Aytemiz Academy.

Aytemiz provided affordable products and sustainable services at its station markets and new dealer portal in 2018. The e-wholesale shopping website serves as a platform where Aytemiz dealers can buy food and non-food products in 14 categories at compelling prices based on the central agreements made with corporate firms. This way, Aytemiz gathered a whole product range and suppliers in a single platform and offered dealers the opportunity to make secure payments and do shopping in installments, through a zero-risk payment system utilizing end-to-end encryption.

Acting as a giant retailer in parallel with its 2021 vision, Aytemiz adopted a customer-centered approach and positioned its stations beyond a mere fuel oil sales point, while developing numerous projects in retail.

In 2017, Aytemiz broke new ground in the industry by implementing the Motorcycle-Friendly Station project. This effort was designed to raise traffic awareness of motorcyclists, contribute to their road safety and make their lives easier. The number of Motorcycle-Friendly Stations reached 150 in 2018. These stations feature designated parking areas for motorcyclists; personal lockers where they can store their helmets, coats and gloves; and special products in the market for this segment.

With the slogan “All the energy you need is at Aytemiz,” the company started to deliver Turkey's first fast electric charging unit at the Aytemiz station in the Bursa section of the İstanbul–İzmir Motorway. The fast charging unit is capable of charging three electric cars at the same time. Aytemiz inaugurated six more stations in five provinces in 2018 and thus extended its e-charging station network.

As part of the bathroom and supermarket transformation project, the supermarkets and bathrooms of 138 stations were renovated in 2018.

DO-CO stations, which embody the mission and vision of the Aytemiz brand, constitute an example in every sense, showcase the brand, and always prioritize service quality and customer satisfaction. Numbering 30 at the moment, DO-CO stations undergo detailed audits in order to create an environment where Aytemiz customers can feel that they get a special service there. DO-CO stations feature services such as supermarkets with hundreds of products, free-of-charge Wi-Fi, 'Pay on Board' systems, e-car fast charging stations and motorcycle friendly stations.

Aytemiz aims to continue its innovative, dynamic, high-tech and consumer focused projects in 2019.

Aytemiz, boasting a station network across Turkey, has achieved a high market share and occupies a strong, market leading position. Aytemiz ranks among the largest main distribution companies in the petroleum products retail sector. With the growth targets it aims to meet in 2019, the company is committed to capturing more market share steadily.

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