Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Gas Plus Erbil (GPE)

The Group also has a 20% net interest in oil exploration and production activities in Northern Iraq through a joint venture company – Gas Plus Erbil. In 2014-2015, oil production took place at the Phase 1 production wells located in the Bastora and Benenan oil fields. While some of the oil extracted from these fields is exported, most is sold on the local market. The data collected was assessed in the years 2015-2016, and there was a special focus on heavy oil production techniques. In 2016, the engineering process for the Phase 2 development program continued, with another well planned to be added to the existing wells in production. In 2017, the company will undertake a technical operation to be able to continue production in an existing well. Drilling began for the Hawler-1A 3-branch horizontal production well in late October 2017, and the well is expected to be ready for production in the first quarter of 2018. According to plans, production will begin at the Benenan-3 and Hawler-1A multiple horizontal wells in 2018. The resulting production data will be employed to realize the engineering design for the field development programs.

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