Television Broadcasting
Kanal D
Kanal D appeals to a broad range of audiences and introduces them to different and creative projects with its management perspective open to change. According to TNS A.Ş. data, between January 1 and December 31, 2016, Kanal D had a rating of 8.88% in the All Day/A/B socio-economic group and a 8.54% rating in the “All Day-All Audiences” category. In Prime Time, it has reached a 9.18% rating in the A/B socio-economic group and 9.33% in All Audiences. According to rating figures, Kanal D was the most watched TV channel in 2016 in the All Day A/B socio-economic group as it was the previous year. has maintained its position as Turkey’s most frequently clicked TV website for many years. According to Google Analytics December 2016 figures, the website receives 9.3 million unique visitors and more than 122 million total page views monthly. In addition, according to the Group’s calculations, a total of 950 million videos were viewed on throughout the year.

With more than 13 million followers in total, Kanal D continued to be active on social media in 2016 through effective and frequent use of its corporate accounts.

CNN Türk
CNN Türk was launched on October 11, 1999 as a joint venture of Doğan Media Group and Time Warner. CNN Türk is the first national channel managed outside the station’s Atlanta headquarters and the first to offer 24-hour news coverage in another national language. CNN Türk is also the first Turkish TV channel formed via international partnership. CNN Türk stands out in the broadcasting sector as an exemplary foundation, objective journalism offering political, life style, financial, sports news shows as well as entertainment programs on TV.

CNN Türk coverage is also available on CNN Türk Radio. CNN Türk live coverage is available on all platforms including on mobile applications as well as social media accounts.

CNN Türk, providing speed, quality and reliability all at once, has assumed a leading role in online news through its website and effective use of its social media accounts. According to Google Analytics December 2016 data, has 16 million unique visitors and over 154 million page views per month. In 2016, the website’s visitor traffic demonstrated an uptrend. figured among the fastest growing websites in 2016, doubling its visitor numbers over the prior year.

teve2 appeal to a wide range of audiences with its variety of content, structured programs and frequently mentioned with local and foreign series, cinema and documentary movies. According to TNS data, Turkey’s entertainment channel teve2 had a rating of 1.09% in the “All Day-A/B socio-economic group” and 1.07% in the “All Day-All Audiences” category between January 1-December 31, 2016.

Dream TV
Launched in 2003 with the slogan, “Follow Your Dreams,” Dream TV broadcasts the latest pop music videos, alternative Turkish music videos and special music documentaries. The channel also provides live broadcasts from music festivals and concerts. Making the best of new media and related opportunities, Dream TV operates with the aim of becoming a youth channel with its new content, which incorporates interactive programs and online facilities into television broadcasting.

Dream Türk
In 2004, with the “Native Language of Music” slogan, Dream Türk also gained the appreciation of music lovers with its Turkish pop video clips and special programming that appeal to a wide range of audiences. Dream Türk responds to audience song requests and broadcasts live programs featuring the top performers of the day. In 2017, the channel will continue to bring the best and latest examples of popular music to its audience and serve as a platform for fresh talent.

Radio Broadcasting
Radio D
Radyo D is one of the first radio stations in Turkey to broadcast nationally. Radyo D broadcasts mainly Turkish pop music. Radyo D reaches its audiences via the D-Smart digital platform, the Türksat satellite, the terrestrial broadcasting network, internet broadcasts and website, in addition to applications for tablet and mobile devices.

Slow Türk
Slow Türk aims to make the best love songs accessible to a broad radio audience under the slogan “The Frequency for Love.” With its beautiful, romantic love songs played during the day, the channel quickly became one of the most popular radio channels in Turkey. Slow Türk reaches audiences via digital platforms, the Türksat satellite, the terrestrial broadcasting network and internet broadcasts, in addition to applications for tablets and other mobile devices.

CNN Türk Radio
Established as a joint venture between Doğan Group and Time Warner, CNN Türk Radio is on air round-the-clock. With its sophisticated journalistic perspective, CNN Türk Radio provides simultaneous radio broadcasts of the content on the CNN Türk TV channel, while also offering special programming unique to the radio channel. In 2016, CNN Türk Radio expanded its broadcast network, transforming from a regional entity to a national radio station.
Doğan Radio Group, committed to undertaking pioneering initiatives in the Turkish radio sector, launched the website in 2014. continues its broadcasts with radio channels that feature a wide variety of genres, as well as rich musical content, news and the latest music videos. With its user-friendly interface, the digital platform provides practicality to radio listeners, and is also accessible via mobile applications.

TV and Music Production
D Productions
One of the leading production houses in Turkey, D Productions was founded under the name ANS International in 1992 and joined the Doğan TV Holding family in 1998. Since 2005, the company has operated under the name D Yapım Reklamcılık ve Dağıtım A.Ş., producing TV series, programs, movies and providing movie distribution services. Additionally, Kanal D Home Video, owned by D Productions, offers a wide range of films for those who want to enjoy cinemaquality movies at home.

Doğan Music Company (DMC)
DMC maintained its leading position in the sector with 25% market share in CD sales, 40% in radio & TV playlists and 45% in digital sales in 2016. In 2016, DMC created the Glamorous Celebrity Management Agency (GCMA) to enter into actor management and casting agency services.

Digital Platform
D-Smart, operating under the umbrella of Doğan TV since 2007, figures among Turkey’s leading digital broadcasting platforms. Continuously enhancing its content and services in line with the latest trends, D-Smart offers its subscribers digital content via over 290 channels, 84 of which are in HD. The D-Smart broadcast platform comprises HD quality film and series channels, 15 different documentary channels including the National Geographic and Discovery groups, all the national channels and channels broadcast via the Türksat satellite.

D-Smart’s rich content includes countless sports programs such as the British Premier league, Bundesliga, NBA games and NBA TV, Formula 1, Volleyball Champions League, Handball Champions League, tennis tournaments, cycling races, martial arts and equestrian sports in addition to a large array of children’s programs, life style shows and 50 digital music channels.

D-Smart is constantly growing with the investments it makes at the intersection of digital broadcasting and internet technologies. In line with its overall strategy, D-Smart closely monitors changing market dynamics. In response to customer needs and requests, D-Smart teamed up with the internet service supplier Smile in 2010; starting from 2014 onwards, it began to provide internet services under the brand D-Smart Internet. D-Smart has created an entertainment platform, which delivers internet and television services to consumers through a single channel, combining convenient prices with accessible services. As such, D-Smart is the first DTH (direct to home) platform in Turkey that provides double play (TV + internet services) in a single package and with a single invoice.

In addition to satellite TV, D-Smart also offers subscribers its services via internet with D-Smart GO. D-Smart GO users access D-Smart’s vast content anytime anywhere over computers, smartphones and tablets.

On top of its ongoing deal with Sony, D-Smart signed a long-term agreement in 2016 with 20th Century Fox, a leading global movie studio. With this agreement, D-Smart has further enriched its constantly expanding content offering by obtaining the right to be the first broadcaster of all 20th Century Foxproduced films. This deal gives D-Smart a significant advantage in the competition among cinema channels.

D-Smart has enriched its sports content with British Premier League matches. It also started to offer the single-price invoice option featuring exclusive sports channels in the “Family Sports Package” as well as unlimited internet connection. D-Smart has defied the sector’s conventional patterns and enhanced its image of a warm, sincere and transparent brand, by exempting its subscribers of the monthly price, internal setup fee, activation fee, stamp tax and lean internet fee for the first month.

D-Smart was presented with the “Best Strategic Practice” award in the “Marketing Impact” category of the 11th edition of the Felis Awards, organized to recognize the most effective and creative projects. D-Smart has also garnered two “Golden Effie” awards in the “Challenging the Big” and “Media Broadcasting” categories at the Effie Turkey Advertising Efficiency Contest – one of the most prestigious advertising competitions in Turkey.

BluTV is a content viewing platform that allows subscribers to watch thousands of domestic and international TV series, movies and live broadcasts, at anytime, anywhere. Using computers, tablets, mobile devices or smart TVs, viewers can easily access over the internet domestic and international films and series, live TV broadcasts, sports and lifestyle content, and most importantly, exclusive productions available only on BluTV.

BluTV geared up its operations in 2016. After the launch of the web platform in January 2016, the company completed its applications running on Android and iOS platforms. In the second and third quarters of the year, BluTV boosted its customer base through ads placed in TV, radio, newspaper and the internet, and went on to develop applications for smart TVs as well. In fourth quarter 2016, BluTV started its overseas operations and commenced setting up sales channels to deliver domestic content to Turkish expats overseas. In December, BluTV reached the deals necessary to produce the domestic and international series, which will star famous names and air only on BluTV in 2017. The company’s marketing and business plans focus on achieving rapid growth by means of these series.

Operations in Europe
Kanal D Romania
As the face of Kanal D in Romania, Kanal D Romania started broadcasting in 2007 with a national broadcast license. The channel received widespread acclaim with its original broadcasting approach and became one of Romania’s most watched television channels shortly after its launch. After starting to broadcast some of its programs in full HD in 2014, Kanal D Romania began to broadcast its entire content as full HD in 2016. Kanal D Romania is one of the two corporations broadcasting full HD programming in Romania. Kanal D increased its rating from 7.1% in 2015 to 7.7% in 2016, becoming one of the top three TV channels in the country.

Euro D
Launched in 1996 to help Turkish expats keep abreast of developments in Turkey, Euro D is on air across eight European countries via satellite and 45 different operators. In 2016, Euro D launched the website for the viewing audience to keep track of program schedules. The channel also started efforts to reach out to Turkish viewers in the American and Australian continents.

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